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During the reporting period, 18 prospecting and exploration wells were completed in license areas owned by OJSC Gazprom Neft and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, of which 15 yielded industrial hydrocarbon flows. Total exploration drilling was 64,482 meters in 2012, which is close to the level of 2011. The success rate of exploration drilling was 83% with a hydrocarbon output of 277 tonnes per meter drilled, and a specific cost ratio for the Category C1 reserves increment of RUB 343 per tonne.

Exploration drilling and follow-up exploration during 2012 led to the discovery of the Yuzhno-Shinginskoye field with 1.2 million tonnes of C1+C2 oil reserves, and the Severo-Romanovskoye field with 6.0 million tonnes of C1+C2 oil reserves. There were 39 discoveries of new hydrocarbon deposits, mostly at the Yety-Purovskoye (14) and Vyngapurskoye (7) fields, with recoverable C1 oil reserves of 17.9 million tonnes, and 10.0 million tonnes of C2 reserves. Gazprom Neft increased C1 recoverable oil reserves by 3.7 million tonnes in the Tsarichansky license area, Orenburg Region.

Seismic survey work during the reporting period in Gazprom Neft’s license areas, and those of its subsidiaries, totaled: 3D — 3,089 km2 and 2D — 952 running km.

In 2012, 27 out of the 56 geological targets tested yielded industrial flows of oil, condensate and gas; 19 yielded non-commercial flows of oil and gas; six targets yielded no flows; and the remaining four yielded flows of formation water, or formation water with minor quantities of crude oil.

Absolute reserves increment in 2012 93.1 million tonnes of oil equivalent
An integrated geological survey program was created for Gazprom Neft Group in 2013, and is now being implemented, with total investments of 24.3 RUB billion
Vadim Yakovlev First Deputy CEO
2012 turned out to be one of the most successful years for Gazprom Neft in terms of exploration drilling, with an 83% success rate. In 2013, we expect to continue this trend and to increase reserves by about 62 million tonnes of oil equivalent, net of new acquisitions, through active geological exploration, production drilling and reserves re-evaluation at our existing operations.

Companies in which Gazprom Neft has an interest (OJSC NGK Slavneft, OJSC Tomskneft VNK, Messoyakhaneftegas, Salym Petroleum Development, SeverEnergia, Cuba) finished the construction of 17 exploration wells, while total drilling progress amounted to 81,364 meters in 2012. Seven new deposits were discovered. Category C1 oil reserves increased by 12.5 million tonnes, and those of Category C2 by 5.3 million tonnes.

During the reporting period, seismic survey jobs were completed in the license areas of the above companies as follows: 3D — 2,519 km2 and 2D — 481 running km.

In 2012, Gazprom Neft Group’s resource potential increased by 22.4%, that is, 498.2 million tonnes of oil equivalent. The resulting increments fully offset asset production, write-downs and sales. Following the results of geological survey work, the increase in reserves totaled 93 million tonnes of oil equivalent — 46.1 million tonnes of oil equivalent due to production drilling recounting reserves — 53.2 million tonnes of oil equivalent. Underperforming reserves in the Messoyakha group, the Novogodneye, Umseyskoye and Orekhovoye fields totaling 47.8 million tonnes of oil equivalent were written off. The Yuzhno-Toraveyskoye oil field with 13 million tonnes of reserves was sold. Consequently, with the production of 60 million tonnes of oil equivalent, asset write-downs and a sales volume of 67.1 million tonnes of oil equivalent, the absolute increase totaled more than 93.1 million tonnes of oil equivalent.

An integrated geological survey program for the Gazprom Neft Group in 2013 was created and is now being implemented. The total planned investment is RUB 24.3 billion, which is 25% higher than in the previous year.

In 2012, the Company acquired three assets: the Novoportovskoye, Baleykinskoye and Yuzhno-Kinyaminskoye fields with total reserves of 455.8 million tonnes of oil equivalent.


Compared to 2011
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