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The NIS refining facility consists of two refineries located in Panchevo and Novi Sad. The maximum capacity for each refinery’s processing lines is 7.3 million tonnes of crude oil per year.

The main products of the NIS refineries are liquefied petroleum gas used as an automotive fuel, BMB 95 Premium unleaded motor fuel, BMB 95 Euro Premium motor fuel, Euro diesel fuel, D2 diesel fuel, EL furnace fuel, JAT-A1 jet fuel, lubricants, etc. All products from the NIS refineries conform to international quality standards and specifications.

The two NIS refineries refined a total of 2.142 million tonnes of crude oil in 2012 (not including commissioned refining for third parties).

An upgrade program implemented at the NIS refinery in Panchevo included commissioning of a mild hydrocracking/diesel hydrotreatment (MHC/DHT) facility, a hydrogen generation unit, and a black sulphuric acid regeneration unit in November 2012.


Source: Company data

The construction of the facility made it possible to switch production over to high-octane gasolines and diesel fuels that meet Euro 5 standards. As of the end of the reporting year, all Gazprom Neft obligations related to financing the NIS upgrade program, as stipulated by an agreement with the Serbian government, were fully discharged.

The plant’s capacities currently enable NIS not only to cover all local demand within the Serbian market, but also to export fuels to Balkan countries. NIS exports motor fuels, benzene, toluene and road and construction bitumen to EU member states, Ukraine, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In 2013, following the completion of the design phase, construction on a base oil production unit is planned to start. This project is scheduled to run through 2016 at the Novi Sad Refinery. In the near future, there are plans to finish formulating a NIS refinery development program that will run through 2022, with subsequent determination of the configuration for a petroleum residue recycling facility at the Panchevo refinery.


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