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The Omsk refinery is among Russia’s most advanced and the world’s largest refineries. The Omsk refinery’s installed annual capacity is 21.4 million tonnes of crude oil.

The plant’s main product lines are automotive gasoline, diesel fuel, construction and road bitumen, marine fuels, boiler fuel (fuel oil), and aviation jet fuel, plus a whole range of aromatic hydrocarbons, liquefied petroleum gases, various lubricant oils, catalysts and others.

The Omsk refinery retained its leadership in Russia in 2012, in terms of light petroleum and aromatic hydrocarbon output. Its crude oil refining output was 20.9 million tonnes in 2012 (the highest such volume among all Russian refineries). The Omsk refinery’s primary crude oil refining capacities were 97.9% loaded, and refining depth was 88.8%. Light petroleum products accounted for 67.5% of output in 2012.

During the reporting year, the refinery commissioned a motor fuel hydro-skimming facility on a phased basis, which includes a catalytic cracking gasoline hydro-treatment unit and a diesel fuel hydrotreatment unit. The commissioning of this new production facility enabled the refinery to increase the output of Euro-4 and Euro-5 gasolines to 2.38 million tonnes, or over 30 times as much as in 2011.

In 2012, the World Refinery Association (WRA) recognized the OJSC Gazpromneft-Omsk refinery as the best refinery in Russia and the CIS countries, praising the projects implemented by the Omsk refinery under its modernization program which runs through 2020.

In 2012, the Omsk refinery’s products were again named among Russia’s 100 Best Products. Laureate diplomas were awarded to the Super Euro-98 automotive gasoline and the BND 90/130 viscous construction bitumen. Awards for Industrial and Technological Products nominations were given to: automotive unleaded gasoline Regulator-92, low-viscosity marine fuel (DMA) type E, highly purified petroleum benzene and Euro-3 summer diesel fuel. In addition, Euro-3 summer diesel fuel was named the Novelty of the Year.

In 2013, the Omsk refinery will focus on increasing the capacity of its new deep crude oil refining facilities and increasing the capacity of its high-octane component production facilities.


Source: Company data
Alexey Miller Chairman of the Board of Directors, OJSC Gazprom Neft
The Omsk refinery has once again confirmed that it remains one of the country’s best and most advanced oil refineries. The commissioning of a new processing facility will enable Gazprom Neft to achieve higher efficiency in fulfilling the strategic task of supplying high-quality fuels to Russian consumers. Today Gazprom Neft’s plants are ahead of schedule in changing over to new products that comply with international quality standards and dramatically improve upon their environmental protection properties, thus undoubtedly making a beneficial impact on the environment. The Company’s refining facilities are implementing a large-scale modernization program. Following the completion of its first stage, Gazprom Neft will focus on increasing the crude oil refining depth. This will result in further growth of the Company’s efficiency and further strengthening of Gazprom Neft’s leading positions in the industry.


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