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Gazprom Neft has distinct goals for increasing petroleum product sales efficiency for each sub-segment of its petroleum product business: aviation fuel; lubricants; bituminous materials; petrochemicals; and ship bunkering.

Last year witnessed a significant milestone in the development of Gazprom Neft’s premium sales. Five years had passed since a decision was made to delegate control of the marketing business lines to independent business entities. This is a sufficiently long period to make an objective assessment of the results. The fact that Gazprom Neft has a strong lead in domestic bunkerage and jet fuel markets, and that the Company’s oils compete successfully with lubricants from the leading international producers, is an indication that we made the right decision. The strategic planning horizon for Aero, Marine Bunker and Lubricants has been extended by another five years, while targets that have been established are more ambitious than previously. Once Gazprom Neft achieves these targets, it will strengthen its positions in the domestic jet and bunker fuel markets, become a technology leader among Russian oil and lubricant producers, and ensure successful expansion of the Company’s brands into new markets, including international ones. The Company has formulated individual strategic development plans for each business line. The main challenges facing the product business entities are increasing sales efficiency, expanding geographical reach and increasing shares of the premium segments of the market.

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Ship Bunkering Aircraft Refueling Production and Sale of Motor Oils Bitumen Materials and Coke Petrochemical


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