Sustainable development is an integral part of the Company’s long-term strategy. Gazprom Neft aims to combine strong growth with the optimal balance of the economic, environmental and social components of the Company’s business, to continue creating an environment conducive to business and to developing the innovative potential of employees. This approach helps to mitigate against environmental and social risks, and creates margins for steady growth and high competitiveness in the future.

The Company has developed and adopted a set of corporate regulations on industrial and environmental safety, human resources, and regional policy. It is introducing advanced management systems in these business segments that meet international standards. The Company places great emphasis on meaningful discussions and active cooperation with a wide range of interested third parties - the government, shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, and residents of regions where the Company is an important player in the local economy.

The Company assigns high priority to the transparency of its business activities. In line with global best practice, Gazprom Neft, in addition to its Annual and Financial Statements, publishes annual Sustainable Development Reports.

As part of its sustainability efforts in 2012, the Company aimed to improve the efficiency of key social and environmental programs. In 2012, the Company focused on:

  • implementing large-scale programs aimed at improving industrial and environmental safety;
  • improving its incentivasation and professional development system, providing social support to employees;
  • introducing a comprehensive approach to the practice of social investment in its regions of operation.

Gazprom Neft’s social and environmental initiatives contribute significantly to its long-term corporate development strategy. Many of them have received public recognition and have been awarded prizes by government agencies, public and professional organizations.

This section presents the main results and programs in this area. For more detailed information, please refer to Gazprom Neft’s Sustainable Development Report for 2012.


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