Sustainability / Health, Safety & Environment

The Company sees effective management of occupational risks that may potentially have an impact on employee life and health, equipment, property and the environment to be a key priority in the area of corporate social responsibility. The Company constantly strives to improve in the field of industrial and occupational safety.

The monitoring of supplier and contractor compliance with Gazprom Neft’s policy on industrial and environmental safety and social protection (HSE and social protection) is considered to be an important part of the Company’s corporate responsibility

The Company has adopted the standard ‘Procedure for managing contractors and cooperative arrangements in the field of industrial, environmental and occupational safety, and social protection.’

In addition to a contract, all contractors who provide servicesto the company sign an Agreement on HSE and social protection that stipulates mandatory compliance with legal requirements and company standards for HSE and social protection.

In 2012, scheduled work continued towards establishing an HSE and social protection system. An analysis of system efficiency and adjustments to the system as part of ongoing efforts to improve it were the main objectives towards this goal during the reporting year. In 2011, the Company developed and successfully applied an integrated HSE and social protection indicator based on accident and injury rates, as well as measures of progress in implementing fire safety, transportation and environmental programs by subsidiaries and affiliates. Progress in implementing the HSE and social protection program is monitored on a quarterly basis. In 2012, the practice of auditing HSE andsocial protection management systems at subsidiaries gained momentum as two audit checks of the HSE and social protection system were conducted. Five enhanced technical audits aimed at assessing legal compliance were conducted along with an analysis of employee competence. This identified issues in the funding and implementation of programs to bring pre-existing facilities into compliance with the latest standards and regulations, to meet contemporary requirements and programs for replacing obsolete equipment, and to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. Enhanced technical audits were conducted by corporate experts at three of the Company’s refineries (Gazpromneft-Omsk refinery, Gazpromneft-Moscow refinery, Slavneft-YaNOS) and by external auditors at the Gazpromneft-Ural and Gazpromneft-Shipping facilities.

Regular training is an important component of continuous improvement in HSE and social protection. Training matrices are updated and adjusted annually according to the needs and risks involved, based on investigation and production control results.

During 2012 7,046 received training in industrial and environmental safety employees 3,587received training in occupational safety employees
In 2012, total spend on employee health and safety was 3,442 RUB million


  • consistently reduce rates of industrial accidents, work-related illnesses and adverse environmental impacts;
  • ensure the safety of production operations and environmental protection by introducing an integrated industrial, occupational and environmental safetymanagement system at Gazprom Neft production facilities. This system meets global standards and incorporates key processes of hazard identification and the assessment and management of occupational risks;
  • consistently implement global best practice in the field of engineering, technology and the management of industrial, occupational and environmental safety at all Gazprom Neft production facilities.

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