Sustainability / Internal Communications

To maintain a constant dialogue between management and employees, Gazprom Neft pays special attention to increasing the level of its internal communications. annual surveys, which monitor the corporate social and psychological climate, are used to shape the information used across internal communication channels. The scope of this survey covers the Corporate Center and 34 enterprises and branches of the Group. The research findings help managers to correctly assess the main areas of work with employees and proactively shape the information policy for internal audiences.

Since 2012, research into the social and psychological climate has incorporated an anlaysis of the corporate culture, which tracks the trends towards reaching the target model adopted in 2011.

A unified plan for changing the social and psychological climate and transforming the corporate culture is the foundation for generating the best information for the Company’s communication channels.

The Company’s internal communications strategy involves the active development of advanced communication tools to ensure a regular exchange of information across the Company: a system of corporate media, feedback tools, staff meetings with Gazprom Neft management, as well as activities associated with arranging corporate and sports events, art competitions and other similar events.

In 2012, following research into the corporate communication channels and audiences, the Company changed the format of corporate publications. The Neftegazeta corporate newspaper became a research and information publication, with more focus on the analysis of production and management processes in the Company. Given the large number of subsidiaries and affiliates, the newspaper adopted a system which allows it to seamlessly combine corporate-wide information with branch- or line-specific materials. The Siberian Oil magazine strengthened the role of industry expertise, and continues to serve as a platform for sharing best practices across Gazprom Neft Group.

The functionality of the Company’s intranet resources continues to grow, expanding their coverage. Active employee engagement, the promotion of initiatives and public discussion of urgent issues are priority communication targets. The development of interactive intranet services doubled the number of active employees, while suggestions and comments published in the forums enable rapid operational adjustments by the service departments. Access to the intranet is available to more than 28,000 employees from more than 70 enterprises within the Group.

Developing a feedback system encourages dialogue between management and employees. The corporate hotline has started to collect information on violations of the Gazprom Neft corporate code, ‘Ask Your Manager’ sections are available both on the intranet portal of the Corporate Center, and on pages maintained by subsidiaries.

A pilot project was launched to install information kiosks to collect questions for management from employees who have no access to the corporate network. The opportunity to ask questions is also provided in the course of regular personal meetings for employees with the management of the Company and its sub-divisions.

The ‘Corporate Forum’ is the flagship event of the feedback system, and traditionally brings together some 400 delegates representing all of the Company’s enterprises. Over the past three years, Gazprom Neft has held four such forums, which provided all participants with the opportunity to discuss the most pressing corporate issues head-to-head. Answers to all questions submitted prior to the forums are published on the Company’s intranet site and serve as a source of materials for publication in the regular column of the Neftegazeta newspaper.

In 2012, the Company was the largest social investor in the regions where it operates, and a government partner in addressing the most pressing local problems associated with social development. In the course of dialogue with the regional and municipal authorities, local communities and representatives of the Company’s employees, a portfolio of Gazprom Neft regional social projects was shaped.


Compared to 2011
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